Business Appreciation Week

Howard County businesses of all sizes are invited to take part in the 2018 Business Appreciation Week! Each year teams of ambassadors comprised of department heads, government officials, community organizations and employees of the Economic Development Authority join the County Executive in visiting businesses and hearing about ways to improve the business community.

As part of his ongoing mission to prioritize economic development in Howard County, County Executive Allan Kittleman has specifically requested feedback directly from business owners about opportunities to continue to improve the business climate. We hope that you take the opportunity to share your stories and experiences by signing up for an appointment.

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County Executive Business Appreciation Week Business Roundtable

n conclusion of the 2018 Business Appreciation Week, join County Executive Allan Kittleman, fellow CEOs, and business owners for a Business Roundtable to bring owners and leaders together for a collaborative conversation about business topics in the county.

Space is limited, so we ask only one representative of the company attend. Any questions, please contact

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