The Howard Tech Council is at the epicenter of the local tech community. Our active and engaged membership base spans a variety of industries, providing members with access to a diverse collection of organizations.

Our programming supports the four pillars of the HTC: Engage, Collaborate, Learn, and Lead. We provide members with the opportunity to support this mission through our monthly networking events, speaker series, and affinity groups and round tables.

Our integration with the Howard County Economic Development Authority and the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship provides our members with a unique value proposition unlike any other Tech Councils in the region. Through our relationship with the MCE we are able to offer HTC Members discounted MCE event access as well as low cost room and facility rentals.

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#HOCOGoesCyber: A Study on Cybersecurity Companies in Howard County, Maryland

The geographic location of a cybersecurity company may play an important role in its success. The objective of this research was to establish an operational definition for a cybersecurity company, collect data on some of the factors that affect cybersecurity enterprise in Howard County, and measure how well local institutions of higher education meet the needs of Howard County cybersecurity companies.

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