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Success Stories

Martha Clark & Nora Crist - Photo by David Hobby

Clarkland Farm, Clark's Elioak Farm, &
Clark's Never Sell the Land

"When I thought about opening Clark's Elioak Farm, it was the Agricultural Specialist at EDA that I went to---and it was the smartest step I took!  I credit EDA with making it possible for Clark's Elioak Farm to open up and be successful.  Whenever I have needed help throughout our 10 years of operation, EDA has been there for me as a business owner." - Martha Clark, CEO Clark's Elioak Farm

Nora Crist has found her own niche, while working beside her Mom, Martha Clark, on this expanding farm enterprise.  Nora has taken over and expanded vegetable production and the on-farm market while also adding egg, poultry and pork to its offerings.

Clark's Never Sell The Land Farm is part of the farming operation of the Clark family, which is proud to be entering it's 214th year of farming in Howard County (actually Howard County in only 150 years old, prior to that they were part of Anne Arundel County). Over those years they have raised crops and a variety of animals and run a dairy operation, but the main link between the seven generations of farmers in the Clark family has been raising beef cattle.

The sixth and seventh generation, Martha Clark and Nora Crist, are pleased to be providing for the first time to the retail market, 100% grass fed beef. Our goal is to provide their neighbors with a local source of pasture-raised, grass-finished beef, an alternative to the feedlot-raised, corn-fed beef that is prevalent in local stores.

  • They raise their animals in a low-stress, natural environment and treat them humanely from birth to market.
  • They protect their streams from harmful animal impacts through a variety of soil conservation and conservation reserve programs.
  • We manage the grazing of their animals to enhance the growth of the pasture, the health of the land, and the nutritional value of their products.
  • When high-quality pasture is not available, they feed the animals stored grasses in the form of hay. They do not feed them grain, soy, corn silage, or feed concentrates.
  • They do not treat their animals with hormones.
  • They do not treat their animals with routine, low-level antibiotics.
  • They do not confine their animals except to protect them from extreme weather conditions.
  • The entire farm, 540 acres, is in either the county or state farmland preservation programs.
  • They want to know their customers and want their customers to know their farmers.

Grants and Financing

A resource to find out more information on State, Regional, and National loans and grants for farms.

Diversification Ideas

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your farm's production is a great way to grow your business - and meet increasing consumer demand for fresh foods.