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Find the right tools to help your business to start of grow to the next level. Help is just a click away.

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Howard County is home to a thriving small business economy. With over 80% of the businesses in the county employing less than 25 people, HCEDA understands that our economy rides upon their success and growth.

HCEDA has assembled a collection of tools available to help companies take their businesses to the next level. Please take a look through this section at the available resources and contact us if you need any additional assistance.


The Howard County Innovation Center is for serious entrepreneurs. Combining in-house expertise with established technology and business leadership resources, the Center serves as a beacon of innovation to the Baltimore-Washington corridor community and beyond. With a roster of world-class entrepreneurs and partners, the Center’s focus is on giving entrepreneurs what they need to move to the next level. Ready to get down to business? Learn More. 


Nontechnical, services-based companies, or businesses that are too early for the incubator can still get support and assistance through the Business Resource Center (BRC). The BRC provides experienced guidance and information to help companies start and grow. Learn More.

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