How to Apply

The Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship is building a community of entrepreneurs that work together to “Get Shtuff Done”, offering programs, mentoring, and networking to launch innovations into sustainable businesses through the iCat incubation program.  The application process for the iCat program depends on whether you are applying to be a resident company, with dedicated office space, or a virtual company, called an Affiliate. Details on both programs and application process for each are shown below.

Applying for Residence

Acceptance into the iCat program as a resident (i.e. dedicated office space) is competitive. Businesses who apply for residency must answer questions around their plan (market, customer, value proposition, revenue projections) to the best of their ability and present to a review committee consisting of MCE Advisory Board members and other members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The broad criteria considered by the review committee includes:

  • The business must be innovation-based with preference given to products over services unless service delivery involves some innovative technology.
  • Can be any stage – pre-product, pre-revenue, or post funding
  • Must have a compelling business opportunity / potential
  • Entrepreneur(s) must be coachable and open to mentoring and being held accountable
  • Team must be open to networking and interaction with the community to help drive cross-pollination and collaboration

To apply for Residence , please fill out the form at

Applying as an Affiliate

Companies that do not need physical space, are not ready to become residents or whose business is not aligned with MCE’s core competencies will be offered business assistance through the Premier Affiliate program. Affiliates, or non-resident clients, have access to the same programs, mentoring, and connections as residents but do not have dedicated office space. Affiliates do get use of MCE facilities during business hours, based on availability, which includes a dedicated mailbox, conference and training rooms, free wi-fi and desks that can be used on an ad-hoc basis.

To apply for Affiliate membership, please fill out the form at