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3D Maryland

On behalf of 3D Maryland we want to thank everyone who has helped and supported this program. Although our time is done we know that we helped to elevate 3D printing not only in Maryland, but across the country as well.

Introducing the 3D Innovation Hub
at Howard Community College


The 3D Innovation Hub at Howard Community College offers full-service 3D printing, also known as customized additive manufacturing. The hub uses plastic filament or plaster powder in printers to build objects within three dimensions. The results are used in educational visualization, demonstration, and even prototype testing.

To integrate this technology into the college campus, the 3D Innovation Hub is a glass-walled center prominently located on the first floor of Duncan Hall. Its open and airy design encourages students and the public to watch 3D printed objects being made from start to finish.

Students have the opportunity to build objects that have real-life applications to their future careers and faculty can develop specialized models to enhance their classroom instruction. In the near future, local businesses will be able to request a 3D printing design consultation or submit their own designs for fabrication at a reasonable cost.

With support from the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA), the 3D Innovation Hub is the next step forward for 3D printing and additive manufacturing in Howard County, building upon the success generated by the HCEDA’s recent two-year initiative that helped raised awareness of additive manufacturing technology and its capabilities for commercial use.

Learn more about this new program at Howard Community College!