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Business Resource Center

Nontechnical, services-based companies, or businesses that are too early for the iCat program can still get support and assistance through the MCE's Business Resource Center (BRC).

The BRC provides experienced guidance and information to help companies start and grow. See the tabs below for specific information and then contact us to get you connected!



Whether your business is in concept phase or already established, the BRC has the programs, tools and partners to help you realize your business goals. BRC offerings, many of which are free of charge, include:

  • Individual Counseling and Referrals
  • Business Education Seminars
  • Government Contracting Assistance
  • Small Business Awards Program

See the MCE events calendar below for the programs and seminars currently being offered and contact us to get more information!


Our in-house partners work with us to serve you:


Ready to learn more or make an appointment? Call the MCE at 410.313.6550 and we'll work with you to determine the right resources based on your needs. You can also contact us and let us know specifically how we can help you and we'll get back to you to make an appointment.

Howard Tech Council

The Howard Tech Council is at the epicenter of the local tech community. Our active and engaged membership base spans a variety of industries, providing members with access to a diverse collection of organizations.

Innovation Catalyst (iCat)

The MCE incubator program, called the Innovation Catalyst (iCat) helps companies accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies.