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3D Maryland Launches Engineer-in-Residence Program for Innovation + Prototyping Lab

January 26, 2015

Howard County Economic Development Authority today announced the appointment of Sharon Brackett, CEO/President Tiresias Technologies as Engineer-in-Residence at the 3D Maryland Innovation + Prototyping Lab in Columbia, MD.

3D Maryland is a state-wide leadership initiative launched by the HCEDA in 2013 to increase engagement between 3D printing and additive manufacturing and regional businesses, industry, and entrepreneurs.

“Sharon is going to be a huge addition to our team at 3D Maryland,” said Jan Baum, Executive Director 3D Maryland. “Her interdisciplinary experience makes her the ideal candidate to help us connect Maryland businesses to 3D printing. We believe this technology can become a mainstay of the tools companies use to develop their products and improve their processes and Sharon will help us deliver that message.”

Ms. Brackett has over 25 years of engineering expertise in developing complex technology systems ranging from Medical Imaging, Scientific Instrumentation to Electronic Systems and Product Development. She began using 3D printing technology in the development of electronic design packaging and prototype development several years ago. Brackett has been active with 3D Maryland serving on the oversight committee for the 3D Printing Innovators Users Group.

The Engineer-in-Residence position will include consulting hours for those interested in learning more about 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing, and how these technologies can be used to transform Maryland businesses or aid in rapid product development. Starting today Brackett will be available on Mondays from Noon until 4pm at the 3D Maryland Innovation + Prototyping Lab located at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship in Columbia, MD. Ms. Brackett will also be developing and teaching new courses to be offered by 3D Maryland in the use of CAD for 3D Printing and how to improve your printer for optimal quality.