Licensing, Permits and Regulations

Getting your products to market may require special regulations, permits, certification or even inspection. Listed below are some links to some requirements:


Selling meats at farmers markets-MDA licenses
Maryland Department of Agriculture

Non-Regulated Meats 

Non-USDA-regulated meats like bison and rabbits can be sold on farm without inspection, and have voluntary inspection by the USDA or MDA to sell off the farm. To sell at a farmers market, you need a Producer Mobile Farmer’s Market License.

Regulated Meat and Poultry

For USDA-regulated meats like poultry, cattle, swine, sheep, goat you may need USDA inspection for slaughtering, processing, packaging and labeling. You can sell meat on farm if it is slaughtered, packaged and labeled at a USDA-inspected facility. To sell at a farmers market, you need a Producer Mobile Farmer’s Market License.


Selling eggs at farmers markets and roadside stands

MDA’s Egg Quality Assurance program

Food Processing

Food Processing

Food processing guidelines for specific foods like dairy, eggs, meats, baked goods, fruits and vegetables and others.

General Permit Information

Permits and licenses from the Maryland Department of Agriculture on beekeeping, organic certification, pesticides, eggs, grain, weights and measures and others.

Howard County Code of Ordinances

Subtitle 5 – Public Recreation on Private Lands

Section 19.505 – Special Permits


Section 12.107 – Food handling

A food service facility does not include a farmers market, as specified in the Code of Maryland Regulations, section or eggs sold only on a farm in compliance with the code, section

Fruits and Vegetables

Good Agriculture

Good Agriculture Practices certification from the Maryland Department of Agriculture is not mandatory, but recommended if you want to provide products to grocery store chains, schools, hospitals, penal institutions and some restaurants.

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