Blog: MCE Affiliate Bioenergy DevCo Acquires BTS Biogas to Expand Anaerobic Digestion Play in North America

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Bioenergy Development Company (Bioenergy DevCo), a Howard County, Maryland company, received its first institutional investment of $106 million from Newlight Partners LP to expand its operation of anaerobic digestion facilities throughout Maryland and North America. Bioenergy DevCo has since then acquired Italian-based leader in biogas production, BTS Biogas, as a wholly-owned affiliate with more than 220 anaerobic digestion facilities to expand the technology’s footprint throughout North America. BTS Biogas was originally founded in 2008 in Brunico, Italy and is the largest Italian provider of biogas plants with over 80 biologists, technicians, chemists, and developers. Since 2016, Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA) has had the pleasure of working with Bioenergy DevCo, an affiliate member of the HCEDA’s Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship.

“In Howard County we take pride in our reputation as a home for innovative business and environmental leadership,” said Howard County Executive Calvin Ball. “We are excited to welcome groundbreaking facilities at Bioenergy DevCo that will turn organic waste into renewable energy. They will join our efforts in Howard County to lead our state, and beyond, on the path to simultaneously create jobs and safeguard our environment.”

The recent acquisition and partnership with Newlight Partners will accelerate the adoption of anaerobic digestion technology in North America, offering U.S. cities and companies a natural process to reduce waste and emissions while creating clean, renewable natural gas and healthy soil products.


What is Anaerobic Digestion?

Anaerobic digestion is a powerful, natural process which transforms organic waste into renewable energy. Microorganisms break down – or eat – organic materials, generating natural biogas and fertile soil products in the process. A key element to this process is creating an oxygen-free environment in which the microorganisms can thrive.

Similar to the way humans digest the food we eat to convert it into energy for our bodies, anaerobic digestion transforms food waste into renewable energy. The energy is generated in the form of methane gas, which can then be used to produce heat, electricity, and transport fuel.

Financially, anaerobic digestion offers a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technology as an alternative to traditional disposal methods like incineration and landfills. The anaerobic digestion process transforms waste into renewable energy and products, all while curtailing CO2 and methane emissions.

In 2018, BTS Biogas broke ground on its first U.S. facility located at the Maryland Food Center Authority in Jessup, MD. Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA) held a groundbreaking ceremony with Maryland Environmental Service and Maryland Energy Administration to celebrate the comprehensive approach to sustainability in the region. The five-acre headquarters facility is underway and will bring 20 new jobs to Howard County. Bioenergy DevCo’s recent acquisition of BTS Biogas will increase the cost-effective transformation of organic waste into renewable energy, proving that what is good for the environment can also be good for business.

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