BLOG: American Bully Manufacturing Designs Reusable Respirators for First Responders & Health Care Professionals

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

American Bully Manufacturing, located in Annapolis Junction, has designed a reusable, breathable  respirator for frontline law enforcement, military, and healthcare professionals. As a small product development company, American Bully wanted to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic and find an innovative way to help the community. Their goal was to make a difference by developing a viable solution to recent challenges surrounding available Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

American Bully created a face mask that can be sanitized and reused. Unlike N95 and surgical masks, the American Bully mask seals completely to the users face and has an integrated one-way valve that allows the release of carbon dioxide but does not allow outside contaminants to enter the mask. The masks, made at their warehouse located in Howard County, are casted using engineered mold cavities and constructed from a sturdy urethane plastic and silicone. Using these materials makes the masks easier to clean and less susceptible to bacteria and viruses embedding into the surface which allows them to be reusable.

American Bully is has begun selling their masks into May with plans to begin matching donations to sales soon. They also hope to obtain certifications to verify the mask with the FDA. To learn more about the American Bully Manufacturing, visit www.americanbullymanufacturing.com



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