BLOG: MIC Resident Company, HawkEye MedTech’s Telemedicine App Helping to Reduce COVID-19 Spread

Monday, April 20, 2020

As a Maryland Innovation Center resident company, HawkEye MedTech has launched their new app, TotalCare. This app is designed for healthcare professionals to have virtual appointments with sick patients who cannot make it into the doctor’s office due to their symptoms or fear of spreading their illness. Since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, more doctor’s have tapped into TotalCare which has made it easier to see patients while keeping both the patient and doctor safe, thus reducing the spread of the virus.  

Along with checking out sick patents, TotalCare has also been used to screen patients for COVID19. Ashok Kapur, CEO of HawkEye MedTech stated “I actually witnessed use of TotalCare to rule out COVID-19. It was great to see how comfortable both provider and patient were in the use of TotalCare.” 

To learn more about TotalCare and HawkEye MedTech, visit http://www.hawkeyemedtech.com For those looking to use the platform and onboard patients, click here.   

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