DataTech911 Presents Cloud Usage at APCO Atlantic Conference for EMS Service Providers

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE) resident company, DataTech911 presented “Using the Cloud for a Non‐Traditional Approach to Solve Interoperability Issues” at the APCO Atlantic Conference. During their presentation, DataTech911 sparked an interactive discussion about current and new technologies for sharing 9-1-1 incident information between agencies to support first responders, transportation, and mutual aid.

This presentation is aligned with FirstResponse911, which automatically transfers call data received from Public Service Answering Points (PSAPs)  to Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) telecommunication, fire-rescue, or private ambulance providers with an acknowledgement of receipt that the call data was received.   FirstResponse911 continuously monitor the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), including narrative, and automatically notifies the responding agency as the call progresses with critical information (e.g., address change, priority change, or a violent scene to avoid dangerous situations). Other benefits of using FirstResponse911 include: improved response time, reduced errors, and enhanced accountability.

DataTech911’s solutions provide real-time analytical and operational information to emergency officials during regular operations and multi/mass casualty incidents, thus helping first responders identify and react to medical emergencies with the best and most timely care. This is one of many opportunities DataTech911 has presented since their company joined as a resident to the HCEDA’s MCE in 2014. DataTech911 actively participates in EMS each fall to share solutions and insights to nuances in EMS.

“After attending one of the MCE’s Marketing Matters Program regarding offline marketing tactics, we identified an opportunity for us to establish a stronger presence in the EMS community,” said Vice President of DataTech911, Michael Salonish. “With our subject matter expertise, we were able to share methods of emergency preparedness and efficiency during EMS focused conferences, thus improving our marketing campaign.”

In support of their efforts to establish a stronger presence in the EMS community, DataTech911 presented at the following EMS Conferences last year: West Virginia EMS Conference, EMS World Expo, CODE EMS, and APCO Atlantic Chapter. DataTech911 seeks to identifying more opportunities to engage with the EMS community in addition to developing systems and solutions to address the unique obstacles emergency responders face.

“Community engagement is key to the success of our budding business, and we are excited to see DataTech911’s consistency in fostering these relationship,” said CEO of the HCEDA, Lawrence Twele.


DataTech911 solutions, FirstResponse911, and StatusNet911, interface directly with existing EMS and 9-1-1 systems to enhance the speed and effectiveness of emergency response. By raising the level of coordination and interoperability between multiple CADs, PSAPs, dispatchers and responding agencies across multiple municipalities, DataTech911 software solutions facilitate rapid, more effective EMS management and coordination.












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