HCEDA celebrates Elkridge based Hatch Exhibits for their COVID-19 efforts and office expansion

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Hatch Exhibits, a custom fabrication company specializing in trade show booths and exhibits was recently featured in the news for reopening their facilities to manufacture face shields and protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their products were created for healthcare workers when Hatch heard there was a shortage of these supplies. Once they started creating face shields, Hatch decided to expand the availability of their product and open a kiosk in the Mall in Columbia where the face shields are currently being sold.

In making this transition, Hatch Exhibits was also able to launch their new Integrated Communication Solutions (ICS) capabilities, which has allowed them to stay in business. “When the pandemic hit, we used our experience and innovative thinking to quickly pivot from fabrication of live events to making PPE for those who needed it most,” says Chris McCormick, Co-founder of Hatch Exhibits. “Now, we have combined our event experience with the latest digital technology to create a state-of-the-art production studio providing organizations a new way to tell their stories and connect with their audiences.”
The Integrated Communication Solutions (ICS) has allowed Hatch to expand into a 80,000 sq ft facility with multiple studios, world class lighting gear and truss rigs, streaming services, high speed fiber line, full control room services, set design and fabrication, and comprehensive in-house print production services. All these services also seamlessly integrate with Zoom, Google Meet and any other video conference or webinar platform, for a full experience.

To celebrate the opening of their ICS and location expansion, Hatch Exhibits along with the Howard County Economic Development Authority held a ribbon cutting on November 4. The HCEDA congratulates Hatch Exhibits on the growth of their business and appreciate the efforts they have put forth in helping fellow businesses during this difficult time.

About the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA): Howard County Economic Development Authority is a public-private partnership whose primary goal is to promote economic growth and stability by supporting existing businesses, targeting new businesses, and attracting corporate/regional headquarters. HCEDA also maintains several programs aimed at the unique needs of small, minority, and agricultural businesses. Additionally, the HCEDA strives to preserve the distinctive quality of life in Howard County. To learn more about Howard County farms and the HCEDA, visit www.hceda.org.


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