HCEDA CEO, Lawrence F. Twele, Announces Retirement

Thursday, May 25, 2023

After serving over a decade as CEO of the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA), Lawrence F. Twele announced that he will retire from his role on June 30, 2023.

Twele spearheaded numerous initiatives that propelled Howard County to new heights during his tenure. From attracting top-tier companies to championing small business development, his unwavering commitment to fostering economic opportunities and nurturing local businesses has left an indelible mark on Howard County. During Twele’s tenure at HCEDA, he oversaw nearly 25,000 retained and created jobs. Additionally, Twele facilitated a capital investment of over $1.2 billion, enhancing HCEDA’s business operations and objectives, and resulting in an expansion of over 10 million square feet.

Before joining the Howard County Economic Development Authority, Twele held many positions in economic development departments across Maryland, where he developed strategies for guiding business development, business retention, and workforce development that were implemented in his role at the HCEDA.

Twele’s leadership extended beyond economic development. He played an integral role in forging valuable partnerships, both locally and nationally, positioning Howard County as a model for sustainable growth and disaster recovery.

Cyndi Gula, Chair of the Board of Directors at HCEDA and Managing Director and Co-founder of Gula Tech Adventures expressed deep gratitude for Twele’s years of service. She stated, “The Board is grateful for the years of commitment and dedicated service Larry has given to HCEDA. For over a decade, Larry has guided the organization through various challenges, supporting Howard County businesses amidst floods, a building explosion, the pandemic shutdown, multiple special projects, and legislative changes. The legacy of Larry’s leadership will leave a lasting impact of economic strength and resilience for Howard County.”

Reflecting on his tenure, Twele remarked, “I’ve been blessed to work with such a talented team and am incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished. From flood recoveries and launching the Maryland Innovation Center to serving the businesses and farms that provide jobs for our residents, it has truly been an honor to serve my community.”

Twele’s bold vision and dedication to his position have set the Howard County Economic Development Authority up for continued success. Leading up to and following his retirement, Twele will assist in ensuring there is no interruption of service to the organization, supported businesses, or members of the community while the board looks to fill his vacancy.

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball also acknowledged Twele’s contributions, stating, “Howard County is home to more than 10,000 businesses which help our economy and community thrive. The Howard County Economic Development Authority has been a steadfast partner in ensuring robust business retention, innovation, and its focus on strategic business attraction has provided expansive opportunities for our businesses to grow and thrive. I’m grateful for the leadership of Larry Twele during his tenure as CEO, including the critical support that helped our businesses navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and I wish him the best in his future endeavors.”


About Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA): Howard County Economic Development Authority is a public-private partnership whose primary goal is to promote economic growth and stability by supporting existing businesses, targeting new businesses, and attracting corporate/regional headquarters. HCEDA also maintains several programs for small, minority, and agricultural companies’ unique needs. Additionally, the HCEDA strives to preserve the distinctive quality of life in Howard County. To learn more about Howard County farms and the HCEDA, visit www.hceda.org

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