BLOG: Howard County is About to Get a Little Sweeter: VLT Loan Recipient to bring Decadent, a Coffee and Dessert Bar to Maple Lawn in Howard County

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Decadent, a Coffee and Dessert Bar franchise based out of Kansas is coming to Fulton, Howard County, this fall. The franchisees, longtime Howard County residents Jim and Lori Caprara, successfully pursued financial backing from the Video Lottery Terminal Fund (VLT) to help facilitate the venture. The loan, administered on behalf of the state, is part of Howard County Economic Development Authority’s (HCEDA) Catalyst Fund program. The high-end dessert venue seeks to be the first of its kind in Howard County, serving up everything from macaroons to gelato. There are nine existing locations across the U.S. and the franchise continues to grow. Decadent’s new location in Maple Lawn will offer beer and wines on tap, adding another twist to this dessert destination.

About Catalyst Fund and VLT

The Catalyst Fund, administered by HCEDA, is part of Maryland’s VLT Small, Minority and Woman-Owned Business Account initiative. The fund is a locally managed source of capital used to finance new and expanding business investments in which the projects will create permanent jobs and leverage private sector monies. The Catalyst Fund is a revolving loan fund – as borrowers repay Catalyst Fund loans, the principal and interest payments are returned to the fund to be lent again to other businesses, creating a continuous cycle of job growth and investment opportunity in Howard County and the state of Maryland.

Whether in the beginning stages of opening a business or in the process of expanding a company’s footprint, Catalyst Fund loans can be used to help businesses at any point in their development. As the Caprara’s pursued the opening of Decadent in Howard County, they were introduced to the Catalyst Fund as an instrument to assist in their opening-stage development.

About Jim and Lori, Owners of Decadent

Longtime residents of Howard County, Jim and Lori Caprara originally lived in Clarksville, Maryland, before moving to Fulton. The idea of a destination dessert option in their new neighborhood presented an opportunity to Caprara’s, one that would eventually lead them to the Decadent franchise.  After observing the unique customer environment and sampling the Decadent menu, Jim and Lori met with Decadent founder, Jeff Martin, to discuss the launch of a new location. With both parties enthusiastically onboard, construction and renovation of the newest Decadent location is underway with a planned opening in November.

In addition to providing high-quality dessert options, the Caprara’s envision Decadent as a local gathering place in Maple Lawn where customers of all ages can enjoy “something so exceptional and delicious that the person indulging in it feels the taste is too good to be true.”


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