Maryland Innovation Center welcomes DeJesus Solutions’ Social Capital Builders

Thursday, September 2, 2021

DeJesus Solutions has been accepted as the newest Resident Member of the Maryland Innovation Center (MIC). DeJesus Solutions is a black-owned and operated startup that provides research, staff training, and program development solutions for organizations dedicated to impacting youth engagement. with a mission to increase the social capital literacy of one million youth by 2025, has been accepted as the newest Resident Member at the Maryland Innovation Center (MIC).

Edward DeJesus, President of DeJesus Solutions’, began the Social Capital Builders project in Howard County in 2018. The initiative aims to advance the lifelong economic and social well-being of youth through social capital literacy, analysis, and development. The organization’s mission is to increase the social capital literacy of one million youth by 2025.

The MIC is a 60,000-square-foot entrepreneurship and innovation hub created and managed by the Howard County Economic Development Authority. The resident membership is the MIC’s onsite business incubation program, housing nearly 30 startups from various industries. The primary purpose of Resident Membership is to accelerate growth through the customized mentorship, collaboration, and support of MIC’s network of partners and entrepreneurs. The membership also includes private cutting-edge office space on-site and access to state-of-the-art event space, conference rooms, and technology.

DeJesus knows the pivotal role social capital plays in helping individuals connect to and excel in, careers and life. Despite the best efforts of workforce and educational systems, many students are failing to secure gainful employment equal to their investments in education and credentialing. DeJesus plans to change that.

“Access to financing and professional expertise is key,” notes Ed DeJesus.  “With less than 2.6% of all venture capital funding going to Black and Latinx founders, we know DeJesus Solutions faces a serious challenge ahead.”

DeJesus Solutions is currently seeking seed funding from socially conscious investors to scale their Foundations in Social Capital Literacy (FISCL) curriculum and web- and app-based platform.

“We are excited to house this important project at MIC and look forward to supporting Social Capital Builders as they build momentum for youth to build economic and social wellbeing.”, shared Chuck Bubeck, Executive Director of the MIC. Social Capital Builders is an exciting addition to the MIC and Howard County community.

To learn more, please visit: www.socialcapitalbuilders.com. 


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