NextLOGiK Graduates the Howard County Economic Development Authority’s Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Columbia, MD [3/7/18] – NextLOGiK, a Columbia based software development firm, is graduating from the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE) into a larger building in the county to accommodate their growth.

NextLOGiK began as the IT department of a clinical laboratory accreditation organization in 2013, and moved to the MCE shortly thereafter. An anchor tenant of the MCE, NextLOGiK was the largest enterprise within the center at the time of graduation. NextLOGiK worked closely with the Howard County Economic Development Authority’s (HCEDA) Ag-Tech Center, an MCE initiative which was instated to expand and equip agriculture services within the region with more technology. With the assistance of the center, NextLOGiK developed CompWALK.farm, the agricultural component of CompWALK that simplifies food safety management for farmers.

“NextLOGiK has been an active member of our thriving technology community,” says Howard County Executive, Allan H. Kittleman. “They have given back tremendously to our areas’ organizations, and have been a great corporate citizen – who is committed to the County they serve.”

The MCE was instrumental for NextLOGiK’s growth, connecting the company with business development opportunities and introducing them to the right programs and contacts as they grow.

“The Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship has facilitated our growth as a new company and the staff there have become a part of our work family,” said Kirk Couser, CEO, NextLOGiK. “We are so appreciative of the resources, connections and hospitality the center has provided us and we look forward to continuing our relationship as an affiliate company.”

“We are very proud of NextLOGiK’s contribution to the MCE, and technology community, respectively,” HCEDA CEO, Lawrence Twele. “Even though they will be moving into a bigger space, the HCEDA and MCE looks forward to our continued partnership and collaboration.”

NextLOGiK began with four employees in one office, and moved to 21 employees across eight offices. As the team grows they will be located at 7061 Deepage Drive, Suite 200, Columbia, MD 21045. They plan to continue building and growing their CompWALK and CompWALK.farm technology, currently serving approximately 15,000 locations in over 15 countries. Their graduation from the MCE commenced February 23rd.


About HCEDA: The Howard County Economic Development Authority is a public-private partnership whose primary goal is to promote economic growth and stability by supporting existing businesses, targeting new businesses, and attracting corporate/regional headquarters. The Authority also maintains several programs aimed at the special needs of small and agricultural businesses. Additionally, the Authority strives to preserve the distinctive quality of life in Howard County. The Authority can be reached at www.hceda.org.

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