rfidCollect, Joget and Mokxa team up to launch NOTIFY, a COVID-19 workplace safety monitoring system

Friday, March 19, 2021

Three resident companies at the Maryland Innovation Center (MIC), an initiative of the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA), have collaborated to launch a new product, NOTIFY ̶  a contact-tracing notification system that anonymously monitors users movements throughout a facility to identify potential COVID-19 exposures.

The system operates within facilities recording possible worker transmissions and provides alerts to those who may have been exposed to infectious disease. “NOTIFY gives companies an easy to set-up and operate system for alerting workers of the time, location and duration of interactions with coworkers who are subsequently identified as being potentially contagious,” rfidCollect’s Executive VP Tim Buckley explains. “NOTIFY fills a need for practical workplace safety by providing real-time, actionable data directly to workers so they can assess their own level of exposure risk.”

NOFITY can be used in almost any facility where regular employee interaction occurs, including industries and organizations such as healthcare, government, defense, pharmaceutical, food processing, manufacturing, data center operations, and corporate offices. The competitively priced system consists of three main components: 1) badges or wristbands that will be carried or worn by workers, 2) Notify Locators® placed inside the facility that track where workers meet or interact, and 3) a real-time dashboard for alerts and notifications. The system can often be installed in one day, with costs starting as low as 50 cents per-day, per-worker.

In development of the NOTIFY product, rfidCollect utilized the technology of one of their peer MIC companies, Joget. Joget offers an open source no-code/low-code platform for developing applications. Raveesh Dewan, CEO of Joget shared, “NOTIFY offers the flexibility to configure the system based on internal process and is fully customizable to achieve organizational goals. NOTIFY is based proven low-code platforms developed by our partners and customers.”

rfidCollect also collaborated with Mokxa Technologies to implement the Joget platform as part of the NOTIFY system. Mokxa Technologies is global technology solutions provider focused on intelligently enabling organizations to dynamically transform their operations and technical environments to strategically grow their business. “We know the power of low-code platforms like Joget, and it was easy and quick to put together a powerful solution like NOTIFY to help organizations meet their safety needs,” said Parminder Sethi, CEO of Mokxa Technologies.

For the MIC, this partnership between three of their member companies, rfidCollect, Joget, and Moxka Technologies, is the kind of cooperation they aim to build between innovators. Chuck Bubeck, Executive Director of the MIC said “The collaboration efforts between MIC companies is now commonplace. These three companies exemplify how the business community can come together to solve pressing global challenges. As residents of the MIC, they embody the creativity and hard work that goes into building a cutting-edge solution.  It is solutions like this that will continue to put the region on the map for innovation.”

For more information on Notify visit https://www.rfidready.net/notify.html.


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