Empowering Creative Entrepreneurship: Unveiling the Accelerator

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

The Accelerator, located at the Kenneth S Ulman Innovation Hub, home to the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA) and Maryland Innovation Center (MIC), stands as a beacon of innovation, collaboration and economic growth. Supported by Howard County Executive Calvin Ball and the HCEDA CEO Jennifer Jones, this dynamic space is poised to redefine the landscape of entrepreneurship in the region.


Howard County Executive Calvin Ball recently underscored the transformative potential, emphasizing its role as a regional hub for entrepreneurship and economic development. With its strategic location and comprehensive resources, The Accelerator is positioned to empower local businesses to thrive and compete on a national scale, thereby bolstering Howard County’s economic strength and vitality.


More than just a physical space, The Accelerator embodies a bold vision to support creative entrepreneurship and drive economic prosperity. Jennifer envisions The Accelerator as a catalyst for innovation, offering tailored programming and fostering a collaborative environment conducive to growth and creativity. With its modern amenities and flexible layout, the space promises to be a hub of activity, catering to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and established companies alike.


In addition to its physical space, The Accelerator is set to host a series of upcoming programming events aimed at benefiting the local community. These events span a wide range of topics and aim to provide valuable insights and resources to entrepreneurs and business owners.


Here’s a glimpse of the upcoming events:


These events are designed to provide valuable insights, resources and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs and business owners across Howard County. By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, we aim to empower individuals to achieve their business goals and drive economic growth within the community.


In addition to its rich programming, the space features a curated selection of artwork from local Maryland artists, with 12 of the 13 featured artists being women and 11 representing minority communities. These works of art are available for purchase, offering patrons an opportunity to support creative entrepreneurship while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the space.


This transformative space is dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurship and driving economic prosperity. Through its comprehensive resources, innovative programming and commitment to community engagement, The Accelerator is poised to ignite a new era of innovation and opportunity in Howard County and beyond.


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