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Howard County Market Summary

Howard County boasts a thriving and vibrant economy, which makes it the first choice for smart businesses looking to start or expand in the Mid-Atlantic. Add in its central location between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. and you have a real win-win.  Howard County also offers more than 70-million square feet of commercial space, providing businesses with the perfect location to do business.


With easy access to a range of transportation options, you can tap into one of the most densely concentrated tech industries in the country


Howard County and the State of Maryland taxes businesses to help fund outstanding public services. These services make Howard County one of the best places to do business, live and work in the U.S.


Howard County provides access to a highly educated and talented workforce ready to support a variety of industry needs. Due to Howard County’s desirable location, it is able to draw highly skilled employees who already reside here.

Government Contracting

What makes Howard County such an attractive location for business? The answer is simple – proximity to customers, partners and Federal Government decision-makers.


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