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A&G Pharmaceutical

Ginette Serrero, CEO - Photo by David Hobby

"For a growing biotech company, Howard County is strategically located near government scientific and regulatory agencies, a major airport, and top-notch academic institutions that provide a pool of talented researchers. Howard County offers ample room for business growth at a competitive cost per square foot for labs & offices compared to the surrounding counties. With its great public school system and parks, Howard County is a place that A&G Pharmaceutical, our employees and their families are proud to call home." - Ginette Serrero, A&G Pharmaceutical CEO

A&G Pharmaceutical is focused on the development & commercialization of innovative personalized medicine products to diagnose and treat life threatening human cancers.   A&G is developing a tissue and blood test kits that will improve early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer based on the biomarker "GP88/PGRN". The tissue biopsy staining kit measures GP88 in breast tumor biopsies.  This marker correlates with resistance to anti-estrogen therapy and increased likelihood of recurrence for breast cancer patients.  The second

generation blood test, in clinical trials supported by Avon Foundation, measures levels of GP88
A&G Pharm Logoin the blood to monitor patients' response to therapy,  clinical progression of disease, and possibly early detection of breast cancer.  A&G is developing a companion therapeutic based on GP88/PGRN, this antibody based drug is being supported by a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research grant.

A&G also owns a proprietary antibody development technology which is provided as a service to customers by its revenue-generating Precision Antibody Division (www.precisionantibody.com).  Precision Antibody is recognized within the biotechnology industry for our rapid antibody development, customer service, and ability to deliver application specific antibodies. We are proud to be the preferred antibody developer for three federal reagent repositories- NCI's Proteomics, NIAID's Malaria Vaccine, and CDC's Influenza Initiatives as well as many companies worldwide.

A&G Pharmaceutical is an SBA company located in Columbia, Maryland.   Our President, Dr. Ginette Serrero, has been recognized as a top executive by Women in Bio and was the winner of The Entrepreneur Award by the Greater Baltimore Life Sciences Committee.  In 2009, A&G Pharmaceutical was selected as the top biotech company to graduate from a MD Incubator by the State of Maryland.  In 2012,  A&G was proud recipient of a DEVA award presented by Ken Ullman,  Howard County Executive,  at HCEDA's Annual Meeting.


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